Bespoke Applications

Highly experienced in analysis, design, UML, OO concepts, design patterns, problem solving and writing interfaces on various platforms (Unix, SunOS, AIX, Windows, AS400), databases (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase), using different programming languages such as Java, C#, C/C++, SQL, ASP .NET, JQuery, Ajax, Winforms, Swing, XML, XSD, web-services. We follow a full project life cycle from gathering the requirements, estimating, software development, testing, release and maintenance.

CODA Financials

Excellent experience installing and setting Coda Financials client, application server and web-server. We also have an excellent working knowledge of Coda Financials masters, transactions, templates, elements, currencies, process masters etc...

We have written several interfaces using XMLI, Java, C#, SQL and table link to post statements, matching, documents, elements, currencies to Coda Fianancials for several customers.

CODA Procurement

Excellent experience installing and setting Coda Procurement client, application server, and web-server. I have an ETL tool that loads Orders orders to Coda POP 12.

Upgrading a customer's sales ordering application (SOP) from version 7 to 11.2 was a good challenge because I had to re-engineer 40000 of C/C++ coding lines of a procurement server and write a new server in Java XMLI for Coda Procurement version 11.2. I also had to migrate all the servers from Unix Sybase to Windows SQLServer.

CODA Billing

Excellent experience installing and setting Coda Billing client, application server and web-server. We have written several interfaces in Java, C/C++, SQL, XMLI and table link to create, update, authorise, get pdf, and cancel invoices. Billing was part of Cadenza and I have good working experience on the application side.

We have designed and developed an application server using TCP IP sockets multi-threading for customer to handle the communication between Coda Billing and their BPOSS application. The application creates, updates, authorises invoices and gets pdf invoices

CODA Goods and Logical Receiver Notes

Excellent working knowledge of Logical Receiver Notes (LRN) and Goods Receiver Notes (GRN). We are developing a framework that can upload GRNs and LRNs to Coda 12.

We have developed an interface for a customer that FTP files, extract data from files to LRN staging tables and finally posts them to Coda Procurement POP using XMLI

CODA Invoice Matching

Excellent working knowledge installing and setting Invoice Matching client, application server and web-server. We are developing a framework that can upload purchase invoices to Coda 12.

We have developed java XMLI interfaces for customers to import invoices from files to Coda Invoice Matching PIM

CODA Dream

Excellent experience installing and setting Coda Dream. We have written several interfaces in C/C++, C# and window forms to load and import data into Coda Dream.

We have developed several Dream bespoke interfaces for several companies


Excellent working experience of Coda XMLI API. Coda XMLI are schemas provided by Coda to cummunicate with Coda products. In Java you can use Castor to extract classes from the schemas (See Sample). In C# you can use xsd to exctact the classes from the schemas (See samples). If you write interfaces that use Coda XMLI, you have to take into account Coda XMLI license.

We have trained customers on Coda XMLI using C# examples and how to extract C# classes from Coda Schemas

CODA Table Link

Excellent Coda table link experience. Coda provides link tables to allow customers upload elements, documents from a third party system to Coda Financials. In Coda Procurement, Billing, Invoice Matching version 9 to 10 similar table links are provided to upload order, GRNS and invoices

CODA Callable Link

Good working knowledge of Coda callable link. Coda provides this external API written in C/C++ to allow customers to write interfaces like user exits that can interact with Coda.

CODA User Extensions

Good working knowledge of Coda User extensions. Coda provides user extensions interface classes that can be implemented in the web-front or app-server. The user extensions are generally used to help users to customise some of the web screens, to derive data and to validate data.

We have developed input user extensions for customers to validate and upload data from third party system

CODA Databases

Excellent working knowledge of Coda databases and tables. Coda table names are prefixed with oas, com, pop, pim, cad etc... com are the common framework tables. oas are the Coda Financials tables. pop are the procurement tables. pim represents the invoice matching tables. cad is the Cadenza procurement, billing and invoice matching tables.

We have written several triggers, stored procedures for several customers.

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