Software Development

We have developed an ETL Web Application named TETLE. Click on to view Web Screen Shots and Conceptual Model. Other services can be provided.

• Developing general interfaces in Java, C#, SQL and XMLI.

• Reporting data returned from SQL queries in charts and files.

• Developing web-services in C#

• Developing web-applications in ASP .NET, C#, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax

• Developing window applications in Java Swing or C# Winforms

We also develop and automate the following interfaces to run anytime:

• CODA XMLI Inter-Company
• CODA XMLI Background Matching
• CODA XMLI Purchase Invoices Load
• CODA XMLI Logical Receiver Notes Load
• CODA XMLI Goods Receiver Notes Load
• CODA XMLI Purchase Orders Load
• CODA XMLI Bulk Load
• CODA XMLI Document Table Link
• CODA Document Table Link
• CODA XMLI Element Table Link
• CODA Element Table Link
• CODA XMLI Accounts validation
• CODA-XL Accounts validation
• Other Bespoke

Use contact if you need assistance or help.

Installing and Upgrading CODA Products

We have already installed and upgraded several customers to Coda 13 and Coda 12.


• Installing/Configuring Coda Name server and Application servers

• Installing/Upgrading SQL scripts to Coda 13

• Installing/Configuring Glassfish for CODA Web-services

• Redirecting CODA Web Requests from IIS to Gassfish

• Installing/Configuring Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)

• Installing/Configuring CODA Audit Trail

• Installing CODA-XL

• CODA Single Sign on


• Installing/Upgrading SQL scrips

• Installing/Configuring Apache Tomcat

• Configuring IIS

• Installing/Configuring Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)

• Installing CODA Application servers

• Installing CODA Web-sevices

• Installing CODA Financials and Billing clients

• Installing CODA-XL

If you need assistance with Coda installation, upgrades on Windows, Unix, Sqlserver, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase, please use contact.


We have an excellent working experience developing several interfaces in Coda XMLI and we provide training on Coda XMLI. Examples on how to extract classes in C# and java from schemas are provided in the samples. The training content is as follows:

1. Schemas and XML Generation

2. Coda Schemas and XML examples

3. Logging Coda XML Requests and XML responses

4. Generating Java Code from a schema

5. Generating C# Code from a schema

6. Using Coda Com Router

7. Java application example

8. C# Application example

If you need training on Coda XMLI, please use contact.

Coda Web Services

We have an excellent working experience developing interfaces using Coda Web Services and provide training on Coda Web services. Examples on how to use Coda web services in C# and Java can be provided.

1. Posting documents

2. Background matching

3. Posting statments

4. Reading currency list

5. Posting purchase invoices

If you need training on Coda Web Services, please use contact.

Coda Table Link

We have an excellent working experience developing several interfaces using table link and we provide Coda Table Link training. Example of interfaces using Coda Table Link in c# or Java can be provided.

1. Document Table Link

2. Element Table Link

If you need training on table link, please use contact.

Coda Technical Consultancy

We have several years experience using Coda applications. The following services can be provided:

• Writing functional and technical specifications

• Developing CODA Interfaces

• Diagnosing and trouble shooting CODA application

• Optimising SQL

If you need assistance with Coda applications, please use contact.

Databases and SQL

We have designed and implemented relational databases using external reports to build a conceptual model, logical internal model and physical model. CODA uses standard SQL language to store its data in SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase Database. I can help you on SQLSERVER, ORACLE, SYBASE and DB2.

• Writing SQL scripts

• Writing triggers

• Writing stored procedures

• Writing functions

• Extracting data for reports and drawing charts. See Charts.

If you need assistance on SQL and databases, please use contact.

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